Indulgence and gatvolness; and Platter 2014

I had it in mind to write a little piece about (self) indulgence) this evening. A subject on which I feel richly entitled to comment – slightly embarrassedly, perhaps, and with reference to TV drama (American, Danish, British!) as much as alcohol. And cheese.

But I was somewhat overtaken by events, so – thanks to a combination of indulgence, normal human frailty (a hazy head), and a bit of responsible hard work – that report must be at least postponed.

Somehow I figure as a proofreader of the Platter Guide, though I’m far from an expert proofreader (and my competence is too often further compromised, I fear, by interest in what I [proof]read. Not to mention by a blurred brain).

Well, the 2014 Guide is just about to be sent to the printers, and I have done little more in my recent waking hours than something approximating proofreading. I move between sitting at my desk and my computer, and lying on bed or sofa with my Ipad. (Thank heaven the dog wanted a walk, even in the bloody rain.)

It’s not much fun either way (despite a glass in my hand just occasionally – right now of some rather good Oude Molen Rene Single Cask brandy), and I would hate my ultimate worth in the scheme of things (even in the scheme of Cape wine – or brandy) to be judged by how well I’ve done it. Proofreading that is, not indulging.

The amazing thing is the quality of the material that is pouring through from the computer of editor Philip van Zyl, one of the most efficient and devoted-to-accuracy people that I can imagine. Between 11pm on Wednesday and 6 am on Thursday, for example (during which time I fitfully and intermittently slept), some 70 proofs came through to be checked… most of them immaculate, as far as I could see.

So. Forgive that there is nothing to report that even I, let alone you, would find interesting this evening. (I can’t pretend I haven’t indulged as well as proofread, however, in recent days, and will report soon.)

There are some interesting things in the coming Platter. A few surprises, perhaps, a few confirmations of what we know. How about this on a trivial level: The word of the moment, in Platter-speak is, almost certainly, “svelte”.  At least one of the tasters seems to need to resort to it inordinately; and at least a few others quite often. Strikes me that they are all women, the users I think of. Could there be something significant here?

Well, Platter should close tomorrow (Friday) sometime. I feel in the need of a little holiday and can think of nothing more wonderful (within reason) than going for a break in the Swartland – so that is what I shall do this weekend. I might even indulge myself, just the littlest bit. Just for a change.

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