Bunk and vino with a cork

Here am I in the early stages of Season 4 of that brilliant American TV series “The Wire” and, mirabile dictu, my favourite character is defending the integrity of wine! Sort of, at least. Sufficiently to bring tears to my eyes, at least, and sufficiently to be worth reporting. The TV series originates, after all, in the country which is the largest importer of wine in the world, and probably the largest consumer of milk as an adult beverage.

Accounting for my own delight, I do admit to be in a state  weakened by: 1) a drop or two of Litigo Pinot Noir 2012, a richly delicious, pure-fruited wine made by intellectual property lawyer Eben van Wyk and his pal Peter-Allan Finlayson of Crystallum fame; and 2) a post-prandial (unless you count the acompanying raisins as prandial) further drop or two of Wilderer Grappa Muscato Barrique – which is powerful, impressive stuff if you’re in the mood for a bit of good quality muscatty husk spirit.

At least Eben should understand any Latin or latinism I pretentiously drop.

Bunk1I’m not sure why Bunk (to be precise, William “The Bunk” Moreland, played by the actor Wendell Pierce) has long been my favourite character in The Wire, but he wonderfully justified it tonight, and reinforced my opinion of him as intelligent, humorous, ironical, humane and sophisticated (really – what more could one ask of a friend, lover, TV personality; though he’s undoubtedly seriously overweight…).

Invited to dinner with fellow “police” Jimmy McNulty (the more edgy guy who is, I suppose, the central character of The Wire, and here indulging in a rare bit of domesticity – making pasta)  Bunk brings along a bottle of what we’re told is a Cȏtes-du-Rhȏne (“The sommelier behind The Plexi said it was dry….”). Sadly, we don’t see exacty what  the wine is.

So Jimmy starts to opens the wine. (“Yeah,” says wonderful Bunk, “let that shit breathe!”). “You want ice in yours?” asks Jimmy, the perfect host. (We’re more accustomed to seeing Jimmy and Bunk drinking large volumes of beer while relating and letting off steam in macho fashion in some parking lot, and tossing the bottles into the bushes.)

To his great credit, correctly and without coming across as a punctilious, pompous prick (a trick I wish I could master), Bunk says: “No man, that’s a double-digit vino! It even has a cork in it!”

Punctilious pricks and lovers of screwcaps must equally withdraw at this point.

But can you wonder why I love Bunk Moreland and The Wire?

2 thoughts on “Bunk and vino with a cork

  1. Hi Tim,
    It’s been a while since my last pass through The Wire (it’s even better the 2d time through), but I recall thinking the bottle looked very much like Jaboulet’s “parallel 45” Cotes du Rhone, which is widely available here in the states, typically about $12. Too bad we never learn what Cedric and Ronnie are drinking during those earnest dinner table talks, I imagine Daniels had rather the better palate than Bunk…

  2. I’m sure you’re right about the more elegant drinking habits of Cedric and Ronnie, Jay. I’m sure when I get round to watching it all a second time I’ll get more of the nuance and detail – maybe I’ll even be sufficiently attuned to working class black Baltimore speech that I’ll even be able to manage without looking at the subtitles designed for the hard of hearing!

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