Blog or block?

It seems vital to write something, if I am ever going to write this blog again.

I am not one of those who are compelled to write. I tend to enjoy it when I am a bit drunk and careless, otherwise not much. Tonight a tiny bit sloshed on and relaxed by: one newly opened bottle, Chapoutier Les Granilites 2010, which sadly is an inadequate version of his Les Granits, also from St-Joseph in the Northern Rhône; sandwiched by two dregs from Platter tastings: Mount Abora Saffraan, the utterly drinkable cinsaut which is one of the more modest but incontestable triumphs of the third phase of the Cape wine revolution; and Axe Hill Cape Vintage (“port”), the latest incarnation of one of the great triumphs of the premonitory (?!) phase of the Cape wine revolution.

But this blog, poleaxed partly by the monocultural pressure of my Platter work (tasting now finished, with some brandies! But editing remaining), partly by the eternal “why bother?” question, has become something, rather, of a block in the last month or so. Ages ago I promised to write more about some problems of scoring wines of styles that don’t fit into the dominant genre (on the right and on the left, as it were); and I have a half-done piece on the CWG Auction wines for this year, which has been scuppered by the aforementioned diffidence (“why bother?”).

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I promise. Always tomorrow. At least one of those pieces.

Now, slightly sloshed or not, I must return to a more urgent duty: some six hundred wines were tasted last week by an augmented Platter team, as having received scores of over 90/100 points by the tasters (only Tim Atkin is more lavish, it seems – but, then, he’s likely to sell more lucrative stickers, isn’t he, the more high scores he gives, which must at least unconsciously help his enthusiasm). Anyway, I have to go through the Platter intranet database, final scores to hand, and check and adjust the tasters’ original scores and entries against those that will prevail into the printed version of Platter 2016. A long and laborious business. I’ve got as far as K.

Inevitably, there must be some Platter surprises in store this year (but one doesn’t need to peek at the results to know that). Surprises of inclusion and omission. Such is the verdict of blind tastings!

4 thoughts on “Blog or block?

  1. Ditto what Ms Birch says. You’re the centre of our wine universe Tim.
    ..maybe get chateaued more often if it helps…we don’t mind:) any 5 starer dregs left you don’t need?

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