Red greengrape feedback, and another vineyard

Thanks to those who responded to my request for more information regarding red greengrape (red semillon). One of the many interesting responses was from Peter May, who mans the always interesting Pinotage Club blog, who remembered Graham Knox of Stormhoek talking about his intentions to make wine with red semillon he already had and some more he was planting. Peter found a 2006 blog by Graham talking a bit about this, if you’d care to read it, and see another photograph of a fine old red greengrape vine. I will certainly be following up this lead.

Many people seem interested in the old and/or out of the way vineyards I’ve been talking about recently – so here’s another photograph taken on that memorable visit to the Skurfberg up the West Coast: the highest of the vineyards I saw that day, chenin blanc vines scoured by the wind. These ones, as I recall, are not very old by the standards I was getting used to; but in fact the farmer himself didn’t seem entirely sure (or wasn’t letting on – perhaps he was uncertain whether the prospective purchasers of the grapes preferred old or young vines!). But the views – 360 degrees if them, were undoubtedly splendid.

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