25K tasting update

More changes to what is not only South Africa’s most expensive winetastings ever but also its most bizarrely organised one – if “organised” is the word I’m looking for. And I reckon you won’t have trouble getting a ticket if you have R25 000 to spare – despite both the earlier invitations indicating that 2 April was the closing date. Unsurprisingly, sales clearly went disastrously. The rich suckers were not forthcoming.

I reported earlier on the rather different “invitations” that had gone out, and pointed out the poorness of the vintages of grand Bordeaux that were being offered. Well, lo and behold, a third version of the tastings has now been circulated (as with the previous two I didn’t receive this one myself, but it was kindly forwarded).

On offer now, says the press release are “some of the rarest and finest international and local wines from all over the world”. Is it the international wines that come from “all over the world” or the local ones, I wonder. Probably this is just another confusing instance of the semi-literate prose that has characterised the whole venture (if you include the launch of G, which is clearly the wine that these tastings are there to showcase: having it tasted in the company to which it would like to become accustomed). Try this sentence too: “Six of the wines to be tasted have received perfect scores in Robert Parker’s 100-point wines.” Perfect scores in his wines? Huh? Well, I suppose you can get what it means….

The line-up of the tastings has indeed changed pretty drastically – particularly in respect of the Bordeaux wines that I criticised before; they are now much smarter vintages altogether. It seems the organisers had learnt that it was not going to be quite so easy to dump their poor vintages on the ignorant colonials.

Another sudden change – no mention of charity was made before, now we learn that proceeds are all going to iThemba.

I’d love to know if they’ve actually managed to sell any tickets. My guess would be that they are now desperately looking for plausible guests to give them away to. “Plausible” meaning either very rich or very important. I look forward to badly written reports afterwards, gushing about the splendour of the occasion, with photos showing various tycoons marvelling over a glass of G.

If you want to go, you’d beter hurry – the tastings are scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday 12 April) in Johannesburg, and in Cape Town on Saturday. Here’s the email address for info and tickets. Enjoy.

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