Platter clashes with the Revolution

Invitations have been going out to some lucky wineries to attend the launch of the 2014 Platter Guide – where it’ll be announced who’s made it though the final round and been awarded five-star ratings. Understandably, most are pretty chuffed, but the invitations have caused a bit of consternation, I’m told, amongst a few fancy Swartland producers, at least, who’ve long been committed to another occasion on Friday 8 November.

In fact, the second weekend in November has became the traditional time for the holding of the Swartland Revolution ( “one of the planet’s most remarkable wine events” according to Jamie Goode, British wine writer and party boy – who had such a good time there one Friday evening, when he was an invited and fully-funded guest, that he failed to turn up at his hosts’ seminar on the Saturday morning).

It’s not easy to comprehend why, with this date so fixed on the calendar, the Platter team had to pick the same Friday for their launch. I believe there are some reasons, but whether they’ll be easy for everyone to accept as plausible is quite another matter.

Anyway, it’s looking uncertain whether any of the Swartland stars will be twinkling in Newlands that night. What are the chances that many of the Swartland Revolution hosts (Sadie, Mullineux, Badenhorst, Porseleinberg) will not have had invitations to the Platter event? Not to mention a significant number of other producers wanting to be at the serious fun out there in Riebeek. Which event, do you you think, is going to have its lustre dimmed?

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3 thoughts on “Platter clashes with the Revolution

    • Hi Francois, I don’t actually understand your point. If you’re referring to Neil Penckock – yes, he does own a wine farm in the Swartland. He hasn’t attended a Swartland Revolution event since the first one, and has, as far as I know, nothing to do with the other producers – I don’t think he’s ever even visited the cellars of most of them!

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