And Vergelegen too

vergelegen-cabAfter waxing lyrical about Cordoba Crescendo 2004 last time (and bitter about the fact that it’s no longer being made – that marvellous cab franc goes into a nice-enough rosé!), and fairly enthusiastic about a few Bordeaux of the same year, I thought I should continue the theme tonight. Well, I couldn’t find another 2004 (except some Bordeaux, but enough of them for now), but there was some Vergelegen Cabernet Sauvignon in my wine-cooler.

It’s emphatically and fruitily full of life, that’s for sure. Much richer and fuller than either the Bordeaux or Crescendo. I’m mightily impressed, if not in love (it’s just a bit too heavy and big for love). Blackcurrant intensity, firm tannins now a little assertively out of balance (let’s give it another few years to see if it all comes into harmony – I hope I have another bottle; there’s certainly one of Vergelegen V somewhere). Elegance – no, gorgeousness – yes. But don’t let anyone trying to sell you immature, raw wine in restaurants or anywhere else feed you the lie that good Cape cabernet doesn’t last a decade or more. It does, it does, it does; and some of it gains greatly in interest too.

One thought on “And Vergelegen too

  1. Drank/tasted some fantastic CWG wines last weekend. Some fine wines were Le Riche CS 2001, Thelema CS 2001, De Trafford Bordeaux blend 2000 and Warwick 2000. Surprisingly also very good was Morgenhof merlot 1998!

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