Nick Lander’s Cape Town highlight of the year

I staggered in a few hours ago from another great lunch at  Chef’s Warehouse and Canteen – Liam and Jan Tomlin’s marvellous restaurant in it’s-all-happening-here Bree Street in Cape Town. For the two of us, eight fine small, but not too small, platefuls of food (served 3-3-2), plus dessert, plus a bottle of Jordan Real McCoy Riesling.

Reason I’m mentioning it is because I’ve just seen that British food writer Nick Lander (husband of Jancis Robinson) has just written of it in his Financial Times article on his “best meals of 2015”. (See it here; Nick wrote at greater length about his visit to the restaurant earlier this year.) His high opinion is not apparently shared by the judges of the local Eat Out awards. Oh well, I suppose anything that helps keep a place at the long streetside table available for me (no bookings possible) is a good thing.




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