Swartland Municipality on the sand-mining decision

Swartland Municipality has issued a statement regarding the sand mining issue. As it doesn’t seem to be on their own website, I thought I’d give a link to it here: http://grape.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/SM_release-regarding-sand-mines_February-2017.pdf

Don’t expect a whole lot – there are a lot of acronyms and some officialese, giving some of the background to the decision, but not dealing with any of the problems that have been raised about the decision, or why the objections to the proposed sand mining were ignored.


One thought on “Swartland Municipality on the sand-mining decision

  1. One more point. Some people have noticed the name “Lammershoek” appearing as one of the farms planning to do sandmining. This is definitely not the Lammershoek Winery we know – which has been vehemently opposed to the plans from the start. GM and winemaker Schalk Opperman says: “The section that is being mined is on the neighbouring farm called Granaatfontein owned by the Stofberg family. The name Lammershoek refers to the old mapped area when at the time Lammershoek was made up of most of the surrounding farms that you find today.”

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